Yoga Bou

Amazing yoga practice which brings a balance, flexibility, tones, strengthens, relaxation and joy!

Yoga Bou

Amazing yoga practice which brings a balance, flexibility, tones, strengthens, relaxation and joy!

Yoga Bou is a prop designed to help to release muscular tension in the body. Utilizing leverage, the Bou (stick or road in Japanese) creates greater power on one side as you push another side away from the center. As it works on smaller masses of muscles and those in deeper layers, it draws out joint mobility naturally available in your body. By awakening the deeper muscles, the Bou will help to realign your body axis, the basis of good posture, and release tension and around shoulders and hip joints. It is also an effective tool to teach correct alignment in Yoga poses.

This method was invented by Michiko Minegishi, a famous Japanese yoga teacher. Yoga Bou exercises are especially appreciated in Asia, for instance in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Yoga Bou is a great practice for those who have chronic shoulder and jaw discomforts, tight shoulders, frozen shoulder syndrome will benefit the most from the exercises. Those who have dislocations or torn rotator cuff are advised not to engage in some of the exercises.

Benefits of Yoga Bou:

  • Improves the movement of the shoulder blade, and then improve a whole body posture
  • Facilitates expanding the range of motion by loosening the deep muscles
  • Brings a balance, flexibility, tones and relaxation
  • Increases energy levels and prevents injuries
  • Keeps the body axis forces by working both superficial muscles and deep muscles is effective trunk training
  • Effectively Self-Adjusts yoga asanas
  • Deeper breath
  • Stimulates and moves muscles that are not been moved very much, which is effective for the back and whole body to slim
  •  Releases from the stiffness of the back and shoulders
  • Improves dancing skills- it is a very efficient practice for all dancers

Classes & Workshops:

I invite you to take part in 2-day intensive workshops aiming at developing basic skills for yoga lovers and instructors of all styles focusing primarily on safely and effectively using Yoga Bou.

Private classes available upon appointment.

Accessible to all levels of yoga, but no prior experience with yoga is necessary to fully enjoy the benefits of Yoga Bou.

About Me

My name is Agnieszka Kowalska and I would like to invite you to join me in my Yoga & Meditation journey.

We will be pursuing Bliss and Happiness. So now please close your eyes and imagine a beautiful beach, a radiant sunset, the salty smell of the sea, the fresh breeze on your face and a wonderful sense of freedom – this is what we call Bliss, an ideal condition of happiness and self-realization.

Here and Now, Bliss In Me… 

So, do not open your eyes, listen to your body and mind, stay here with me. In the pursuit of Happiness…

My Yoga

My yoga background is Sivananda Yoga – a holistic combination of five essential elements – proper exercises (Asans), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (Vegetarian) and Positive Thinking combined with Meditation.


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