Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga

Mindfulness of the Ocean

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga

Mindfulness of the Ocean

SUP Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular outdoor activity. The benefits of stand up paddle yoga are endless, and a few quick tips and sequences will help you become the ultimate SUP Yogi and Yogini

Combining yoga and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is merging the best of two worlds. When you blend the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga with the natural and physical advantages of surfing, your body will react positively and you will feel the power of full yogic relaxation and happiness.

SUP Yoga is a relaxing experience, and it will improve your surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding skills. If you're simply a yoga enthusiast and never tried any water sport, you can try SUP Yoga and be addicted forever.

The setup process is quite simple: instead of having a mat placed on the floor, you practice yoga on a stand-up paddleboard in a water environment. You can do it in the ocean, in a lake, pond, river or even in a pool.

Sup Yoga is a perfect blend of Spirit, Body, and Nature, surrounded by water and focus on yoga, health, fresh air and outdoors.

Benefits of Sup Yoga:

  • Improve core strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination
  •  Relaxation, stress reducing, learning a new skills, laughs and a lot of fun!
  • Helps to maintain focus and concentration
  • Strengthens the core by activating core stabilising muscles used in the feet, legs, core, torso, arm and neck. It’s a full-body workout 
  • Mindfulness of the Ocean
  • Teaches us Ahimsa- Non- Violence
  • Amazing Savasana time, surrounded by blue sky and sea
  •  Eliminates negative thoughts and bad mood- Sup Yoga is fun and light hearted 

Accessible at all levels of yoga, but no prior experience with yoga is necessary to fully enjoy the benefits of Sup Yoga classes.

Sup Yoga Retreats or group / individual classes

About Me

My name is Agnieszka Kowalska and I would like to invite you to join me in my Yoga & Meditation journey.

We will be pursuing Bliss and Happiness. So now please close your eyes and imagine a beautiful beach, a radiant sunset, the salty smell of the sea, the fresh breeze on your face and a wonderful sense of freedom – this is what we call Bliss, an ideal condition of happiness and self-realization.

Here and Now, Bliss In Me… 

So, do not open your eyes, listen to your body and mind, stay here with me. In the pursuit of Happiness…

My Yoga

My yoga background is Sivananda Yoga – a holistic combination of five essential elements – proper exercises (Asans), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (Vegetarian) and Positive Thinking combined with Meditation.


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