Hormone Yoga Therapy Workshop

by Agnieszka Kowalska

OkiLife special guest Agnieszka Kowalska with Bliss In Me - Yoga & Meditation Retreats will be hosting a Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women.

Hormonal yoga therapy is a very effective and powerful practice to produce profound healing, harmonize the pranic body which will balance your life and the physiology of hormones, as well as stress and insomnia reduction. More details in the post

It will be a 2 day workshop- $40 (2 hours a day)
Link for payment below, please comment in PayPal "Hormone Therapy workshop" when paying. Also mark yourself going once paid. Space is limited to 15 people. Payment due before October 10.

Hope to See you there


ホルモンヨガセラピーは、深い癒しを生み出し、あなたの人生とホルモンの生理機能、およびストレスと不眠症の軽減のバランスをとるプラニーボディを調和させる非常に効果的かつ強力なプラクティスです。 投稿の詳細

下記のお支払いのリンクは、お支払いの際にPayPal「ホルモン療法ワークショップ」でコメントしてください。 また、一度支払った自分自身をマークします。 スペースは15人に制限されています。 10月10日より前に支払い予定。



2 Dates
12 of October, Saturday at 6:30 PM
13 of October, Sunday at 1:00 PM

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3-chōme-14-14-2 Chūō, Okinawa, Okinawa 904-0004


About Me

My name is Agnieszka Kowalska and I would like to invite you to join me in my Yoga & Meditation journey.

We will be pursuing Bliss and Happiness. So now please close your eyes and imagine a beautiful beach, a radiant sunset, the salty smell of the sea, the fresh breeze on your face and a wonderful sense of freedom – this is what we call Bliss, an ideal condition of happiness and self-realization.

Here and Now, Bliss In Me… 

So, do not open your eyes, listen to your body and mind, stay here with me. In the pursuit of Happiness…

My Yoga

My yoga background is Sivananda Yoga – a holistic combination of five essential elements – proper exercises (Asans), proper breathing (Pranayama), proper relaxation (Savasana), proper diet (Vegetarian) and Positive Thinking combined with Meditation.


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